We have all been in this situation: we are working through a full morning of consulting and, before we can begin to discuss a patient’s current problem, they have to wait while we look through their file and identify previous issues, bringing ourselves up to date with their medical history so that we can start to offer help with whatever has brought them to us today.  Sometimes it is straightforward and we can move on without delay. However, there are other times when we are struggling to locate the information we seek, or to confirm certain drugs or treatment specific to this patient, or worse still we can’t be sure we have even got the right file! DITUS understands this problem; we have been assessing the healthcare industry and for 2 years we have been working to provide a solution that will reduce all uncertainty and delay in consultant visits. We have actively identified the challenges in the healthcare environment and believe we have created a tool that will measurably improve the accuracy and quality of the administrative element of healthcare provision.

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